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Zimbabwe inflation climbs to 10-year-high of 31 percent

Zimbabwe’s inflation soared to a fresh 10-year high of 31.01 percent year-on-year in November from 20.85 percent in October after prices of basic goods spiked, amid an acute shortage of dollars that has made imports expensive.

On a monthly basis, prices increased by 9.2 percent in November compared to 16.44 percent in October.

Zimbabwe adopted the U.S. dollar in 2009 after its own currency was made worthless by hyperinflation.

But Zimbabweans have watched as the dollars in their bank accounts, known as ‘Zollars’, have lost value against cash U.S. dollars. That is because there are more Zollars in banks than actual U.S. cash dollars available, analysts say.

Central bank data shows that some $10 billion were being held as electronic dollars in bank accounts but less than $250 million in cash dollars.

On the black market, one needs $3.50 to purchase $1 in cash, a situation which has seen some businesses charging multiple prices for their goods.

Zimstats said prices of food, including br…
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You don't have power to loan back what you stole - Shaun King

A US Journalist Shaun King, has of recent called out to the British Museum over plans to Loan Nigeria bronze statues which they from the old Benin empire.

As it is known world wide that during the colonial era the British over took the Benin empire in the year 1897, and in the process of this striped them of their most valuable and treasured assets.

Recall that it was reported that while other countries, like Greece over the Elgin Marbles, have refused to accept anything other than a permanent return of treasures seized during the colonial era, some Nigerian officials expressed willingness to settle for borrowing back what was stolen from them. Two hundred of the Benin Bronzes were taken to the British Museum, although some items have also gone to museums in Oxford and Cambridge, and others have ended up in institutions all over Europe and the US.

As said by Shaun King on his Instagram page

No. @britishmuseum :: you don’t have the power to loan back what you stole.
These don’t belong…

Access Bank Plc has finally acquired Diamond Bank Plc.

According to insiders, the official announcement of the transaction will be made in the course of the week by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, according to TheCable.

Another source said confirmed that the deal has been sealed, awaiting final ratification from the regulatory body.

The acquisition was midwifed by the CBN in a bid to further consolidate the banking industry, sources informed.
Last week, Diamond Bank announced its decision to drop its international operating licence to focus on national operations following capitalisation issues.

Uzoma Dozie, the bank’s Chief Executive Officer, confirmed the development in a statement released on Friday.
Dozie had said: “With this approval, the bank will cease to operate as an international bank.

“The re-licensing as a national bank supports Diamond Bank’s objective of streamlining its operations to focus resources on the significant opportunities in the Nigerian retail banking market, and the economy as a whole. The move follows Diamon…

This Embraer E190-E2 looks like a snow leopard

An Embraer 190-E2 printed with a snow leopard's snout on its fuselage nose was on display by Air Astana at Kazakhstan's Astana International Airport this Friday.

It is not the first time that E190-E2 was given an incredible paint job. An Embraer E190-E2 aircraft was painted up in a white shark livery on a World tour in October.

The snow leopard flight is designed to draw global attention to the threat faced by these large wild cats, one of the rarest mammals in Kazakhstan.

Presidential promise: Putin fulfills ill boy’s dream

Russian President Vladimir Putin fulfilled the dream of an ill kid on Saturday, when he arranged an exclusive helicopter tour over Saint Petersburg for 14-year-old Artem Palianov who'’s been diagnosed with brittle bone disease.

Putin made the promise during his trip to the Russian Volunteer Forum earlier this month, where he inspected stalls of charity projects including one called "Dream with Me," which is committed to making the wishes of terminally ill kids come true.

In his message, which was one of five picked by Putin, the boy described his hope of seeing St. Petersburg from a bird’s-eye view.

Prior to the tour, Putin received the boy and his family in the Konstantinovsky Palace, where the Russian leader offered them tea, talked through the tour’s route, wished them well for the upcoming New Year and gave them presents.

Chinese artists create needlework to call for animal protection

Two sculptures made out of sewing needles are on display at a shopping mall in Shenyang, northeast China’s Liaoning Province on Saturday.

Implying “needles are the pains,” the sculptures shaped in otter and bear are created to embody the pain animals suffered when humans take their furs.

Guided by the Dean of the College of Fine Arts of Shenyang University, the sculptures, which are made from around 550,000 needles, took 36 art students more than 100 days to complete.

Respectively entitled “Piece of Fur Made from Thousands of Needles and Pain” and “Captive Liberty,” the sculptures send a message for better animal protection and an end to the fur trade.

Messi strikes again

Lionel Messi is the first player to score 50 goals across all competitions in 2018 🔥